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Heights And Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest occurs when an electrical impulse in the heart becomes rapid or chaotic which can stop the heartbeats suddenly. High rise buildings provide a better view but it could prove to be fatal. People who stay at higher floor are more prone to have a cardiac arrest as compared to people who live in the first couple of floors. Chances of surviving a cardiac arrest can get worse for people who live above the third floor whereas survival chances for people who live above 16th floor are negligible. Delay of treatment can be one of the reasons for fewer survival rates. Rapid access to automatic external defibrillators and other interventions to shorten response and treatment time in high-rise buildings are needed to increase the survival rates of the patients.

Different types of cardiac surgeries such as heart bypass surgery, angioplasty and heart valve replacement surgery are available in India at very moderate prices as compared to any other countries. India has a large pool of highly qualified and experienced cardiac surgeons. Healthcare facilities in India are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to treat cardiac surgeries. IndianMedTrip helps you find the best cardiac surgeon and healthcare facilities among the large availability.

Heights and Cardiac Arrest

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