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Affordable Vitrectomy Eye Surgery In India for Severe Vitreous Hemorrhage

Vitrectomy is a surgical procedure which is designed to remove vitreous gel from the middle of eye. It is commonly performed when there is retinal detachment in patients. Removing vitreous gel is an ideal step which provides ophthalmologists better access to the back portion of the eye. Vitreous gel is also removed for vitreous hemorrhage patients having blood in vitreous gel which does not clear, on its own.

Why Undergo Vitrectomy Eye Surgery?

Vitrectomy eye surgery is normally performed to treat the following conditions.

  • Repair very large tears within the retina.
  • Prevent or repair Traction Retinal Detachment; especially when this is threatening to affect macula.
  • Reducing vision loss which is caused by bleeding in vitreous gel due to hemorrhage. Especially in cases where bleeding is severe or when blood refuses to normally clear on its own, even after several months.
  • Treatment of severe Proliferative Retinopathy which is causing severe scar tissue formation or neovascularization, where growth of new blood vessels on retina continue despite multiple attempts of laser treatment.

Vitrectomy Eye Surgery Procedure

Eye surgeons will insert small instruments into the eye so as to cut vitreous gel & suck it out during vitrectomy eye surgery. They may subsequently treat retina with a laser photocoagulation procedure after removing vitreous gel. Other procedures they can perform at this point of time include cutting or removing scar or fibrous tissue from retina, flattening areas where retina has detached or repairing holes or tears in macula or retina. Silicone oil or gas bubble may be injected into eye so as to lightly press retina against wall of the eye at the end of vitrectomy eye surgery. As oil will not be absorbed by the body, vitrectomy patients will invariably need a second procedure in order to remove oil after healing of the retinal detachment. Since oil bubble does not move around in eye like gas bubbles, surgeons may suggest using an oil bubble for this surgery instead of any other retinal detachment procedure. Oil bubble has the capacity to make surgery & recovery for young children, older adults & all others who have trouble keeping the head & eye in proper position. Vitrectomy eye surgery is always performed by ophthalmologists or eye surgeons who have undergone special training in treating problems associated with retina.

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Recovery Following Vitrectomy Eye Surgery

Vitrectomy eye surgery may require an overnight stay at the hospital, although it is sometimes also performed as an outpatient procedure. While the eye surgeon will determine if vitrectomy surgery will be performed under local or general anesthesia, duration of this entire procedure is between 2 – 3 hours of time. Vitrectomy eye surgery patients may also be required to position themselves in a certain way at home for some time during recovery. Ophthalmologists or eye surgeons will let them know as to which position to lie in so that oil or gas can effectively push against the detachment in retina.

Risks & Complications Following Vitrectomy Eye Surgery

Risks & Complications Following Vitrectomy Eye Surgery

Vitrectomy eye surgery may sometimes cause elevation in IOP or intraocular pressure inside the eye, especially for people having glaucoma. Several other serious & vision-threatening risks associated with vitrectomy eye surgery include the following.

  • Formation of cataract following vitrectomy eye surgery
  • Endophthalmitis – infection inside eye
  • Corneal Edema – fluid buildup in clear covering of the eye
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Further bleeding into vitreous gel

Vitrectomy eye surgery patients should immediately contact the eye surgeon in case they notice the following signs of complications.

  • Decrease in vision
  • Increase in pain
  • Increase in redness
  • Discharges from eye
  • Swelling around eye
  • Experiencing new floaters like flashes of light or change in field of vision

Vitrectomy Eye Surgery Outcome

Vitrectomy eye surgery has shown great improvement in visiual acuity in several people suffering from severe vitreous hemorrhage which did not clear, on its own. This surgery can generally restore some vision which has been lost as a result of traction retinal detachment & may also help prevent further deterioration. These results however tend to be better when detachment has not affected macula, the center of retina & the central vision which it provides.

Problems Associated with Severe Vitreous Hemorrhage

Eye surgeons would normally wait for several months to see if vitreous hemorrhage would disappear on its own. However, when it is causing severe loss of vision or is preventing severe retinopathy treatment, vitrectomy eye surgery may rather be performed sooner than later. Moreover, long-term results are better in case vitrectomy is performed early. There also are a few other ways to repair retinal detachment. While each surgery type is designed to restore good vision, choosing the ideal option varies from one case to another. Location, cause & type of retinal detachment usually determine which type of surgery would be the best option. Several other associated conditions or eye problems will also play a key role in arriving at a decision. Quite often, patients may require more than one surgical procedure to reattach retina in case scar tissue from first surgery has grown over surface of retina.

Vitrectomy Eye Surgery in India

Return of vision following vitrectomy eye surgery most often depends upon underlying conditions which prompted the patient to undergo surgery. In case the eye was healthy but filled with blood, then this procedure may result in 20/20 clarity of vision. Patients suffering from more severe problems like retina that has detached many times, final eyesight may only be sufficient for safe walking or less. Eye & vision associated procedures in India are at par with what one can get in developed countries & most importantly at a fraction of the cost that it takes to undergo vitrectomy eye surgery in western countries like UK, Canada & United States. Ophthalmologists & eye surgeons practicing here are some of the best in the world & work with advanced techniques & latest equipment available in the medical field. IndianMedTrip, which is one of the leading healthcare tourism companies in South Asia, provides a wide spectrum of affordable medical solutions including vitrectomy eye surgery to international patients. Healthcare experts associated with IndianMedTrip will also be glad to combine an exotic holiday at reasonable costs along with your vitrectomy eye surgery so as to make your healthcare travel a cherishing experience.

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